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Garden Classes

Confession time.. teaching classes is the best part of my job.
I’d love to see you in class!


Growing in the Garden Academy

Join us in “Growing in the Garden Academy,” our monthly online gardening class.

Live sessions or replays? Your choice. With each session, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions before or during the live class, ensuring you get the most personalized learning experience.

Plus, with access to past classes and our private Facebook group, you’ll join an exclusive circle of garden enthusiasts. We’re all about growing together, and I’d love to have you there!

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Phoenix Valley In-Person Classes

Join me for in-person gardening classes in the Phoenix Valley.

Interactive classes where we learn together. Got questions? I’m here to answer them and make sure you walk away with new knowledge—and maybe some new friends, too. See you in class!

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Upcoming Public Garden classes

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Aug 28

Companion Plants & Crop Rotation - Hosted by Dayspring UMC

Sep 7

Vegetable Gardening in Arizona - Hosted by the City of Scottsdale

Oct 5

Fall & Winter Gardening in Arizona - Hosted by the City of Scottsdale

Nov 2

Composting & Water Conservation - Hosted by the City of Scottsdale

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Twice a month, I’ll share my personal garden journal. From the first seedling to the last harvest, you can follow my gardening adventures in Arizona’s unique low desert.

Join me, and let’s make your garden thrive under the desert sun!

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I probably wouldn't have even known that I could grow sweet potatoes, or that I could be successful with onions, if it weren't for Angela's expertise. Her garden logs help me to better tune in to what can be done at what times in the Phoenix area.
I have gardened for many years but most gardening information is not specific to the desert of AZ. The thing I find the most beneficial is the gardening journal. I look forward to that email every couple of weeks to see what I need to be doing at this specific time for our climate and weather.
As a relatively new gardener, I've gained a lot of knowledge from many sources, I've found Angela's knowledge to be some of the most valuable, as she is in my city and shares my climate. She is a humble gardener, sharing her own successes AND failures without arrogance or shame.
I just wanted to write and say thank you for sharing your garden and knowledge with fellow gardeners. I just crossed one year since I started gardening. I'm entering my second year now and super excited to go back and read all those notes that I took in my first year and see how my garden changes.

Available for Media Appearances

Is there a topic you would like your audience to learn more about? I’m happy to answer questions and discuss seasonal topics and current gardening trends.

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Classes For Your Organization

Are you looking for gardening classes for your organization?

Whether taught in-person or virtually through “live” online classes, everyone learns together in an interactive and informative setting.

Choose from listed class topics or I’ll create a custom class based on the needs of your group:
Container Gardening • Composting & Vermi-Composting • Fall Gardening • Garden Troubleshooting • Garden Planning • Spring Gardening • Summer Gardening • Companion Planting & Crop Rotation • Soil Health • Gardening 101 • Seed Starting Basics • Grow Bag Gardening • Herb Gardening • Flower Gardening • Garden Pest Identification • Arizona Gardening • Citrus Trees • Vertical Gardening • Organic Gardening • Seed Saving

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